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11563 Invisalign

Are spaces, crowding, or misaligned teeth detracting from your smile’s full potential? At the office of Brian Rosen DDS, their experienced dentist can help you embrace the health and beauty of your smile! Whether you’re considering orthodontic treatment with 11563 Invisalign®[1], cosmetic dentistry services, or any of the comprehensive treatment options provided at our dental office, you’ll be in excellent hands with Dr. Rosen.

11563 Invisalign

In the digital age of medical technology, 11563 Invisalign has grown increasingly popular for its ingenious and inconspicuous design. With modern dental technology, orthodontic treatment can now be more comfortable, simple, and convenient than ever before. Using the latest computer imaging software, digital impressions of your mouth can be taken to assist your dentist in examining, simulating, and prescribing the most exact and appropriate course of orthodontic treatment to correct your bite. With 11563 Invisalign, every course of treatment is completely unique, tailored specifically to your mouth and orthodontic needs. Following your hi-tech smile analysis, your orthodontic aligners will be custom fabricated from the highest quality polyurethane resins. Smooth to the touch, and custom contoured to the grooves and crests of your smile, each set of aligners constitutes a phase of your treatment, and are worn in a successive series, gradually ushering your teeth into their desired positions. Offering the height of discretion and the convenience of being removable, Invisalign is a great option for many patients because it hardly interferes with your ordinary routine. Whether it’s maintaining your professional appearance at work or school, or being able to continue eating the foods you love, Invisalign makes orthodontic treatment easier on you.

If you’d like to learn more about how 11563 Invisalign can help you smile to your full potential, embrace the moment and give a call to the office of Brian Rosen DDS today! After all, the world deserves to see your beautiful smile!

[1] Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.

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